May 21, 2024
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Fire Prevention Office

At the Mill Bay Fire Department, our Fire Prevention Officers (FPOs) play a crucial role in enhancing fire safety awareness and fostering a safety-minded community environment. Their responsibilities encompass two main areas: Public education, and Community safety improvement.

Public Education:

Our commitment to public education involves raising awareness of fire safety issues and providing direct training in various aspects of fire safety. We engage with the community through several channels, including school visits, community fairs, seminars with organizations, and participation in media advertising.

Our proactive approach extends to door-to-door visits in different neighborhoods, where we check smoke detectors and promptly replace them if necessary. We also offer training sessions to many groups, such as school teachers, venue staff, high school students, and other community members, focusing on the proper use of fire extinguishers.

Community Safety Improvement:

Our FPOs collaborate with property owners to ensure adherence to fire safety standards. By offering expert advice, we empower property owners to go above and beyond in creating environments where occupants have the best chance of safely evacuating during a fire. Through pre-planning initiatives, we continuously update our knowledge of buildings and their contents, providing invaluable resources for all firefighters through dispatch room materials and firetruck-mounted computers.

Commercial Fire Inspections

Mill Bay FD actively conducts commercial fire inspections to ensure businesses meet and uphold fire safety standards. Our FPOs work closely with commercial property owners to enhance safety measures in these spaces. Book an inspection here.

Residential Fire Safety

It’s important to note that while Mill Bay FD does not conduct official fire inspections for residential properties at this time, we do engage in FireSmart property walkthroughs, offer guidance, and check smoke detectors to enhance safety. Book a prevention service here.

Connect with Us

Should you have inquiries regarding fire safety, wish to schedule a Mill Bay FD visit to your community group or event, seek comprehensive instruction on fire safety (including live fire extinguisher training), or require assistance on any related matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Prevention Office via email at

At Mill Bay Fire Department, we are dedicated to promoting a culture of safety and well-being in our community. Your proactive engagement is a crucial part of achieving this collective goal.

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