June 19, 2024
Commercial Inspections and Safety Planning

Does your business need a safety plan implemented or updated? Click here for information.

Commercial Fire Inspections

Mill Bay FD actively conducts commercial fire inspections to ensure businesses meet and uphold fire safety standards. Our FPOs work closely with commercial property owners to enhance safety measures in these spaces. Book an inspection here.

As required by the Fire Services Act, Mill Bay Fire Inspectors will be visiting your business to perform a
fire safety inspection to ensure your business meets the B.C. Fire Code.
These inspections occur during regular business hours. The Inspectors will access all areas of your
business and review all relevant documentation and will be able to answer your questions about fire
safety related to your business.

Did You Know?

Business owners are responsible for complying with the B.C. Fire Code. If you are not sure how to comply, seek professional advice!

Top Six Fire Code Violations

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers Missing or improperly installed/maintained
  • Emergency Lighting Missing or improperly maintained
  • Exit Signs Missing or improperly maintained
  • Exit Passages blocked or improperly maintained
  • Fire Safety Plans missing, incomplete or improperly maintained
  • Documentation missing or unavailable at time of inspection.

If you have any questions about annual inspections or fire safety for your business please contact us at:
250-743-5563 or FPO@mbfd.ca

Commercial Fire Safety Planning

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