May 22, 2024
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Early Childhood Burn Prevention

Early Childhood Burn Prevention

  • In Canada, fire and burn related injuries are the 3rd leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for children 0-4 years of age
  • 1000+ children are admitted to hospital each year with burns and scalds, while thousands more are treated as outpatients.
  • Children who are burned require more medical care than any other childhood injury.
  • $17,200: Hospital cost to treat a typical childhood scald.
  • 70% of canadian parents don’t know scalds from hot drinks and hot tap water are the cause of most burns to young children.
  • Most pediatric scalds occur in the home from hot drinks and hot food.
  • Adults who suffer burns as children have much higher rates of mental and physical illness.
child lifting water dipper

Common Causes of Childhood Burns:

  • A hot drink, that is comfortable to drink, can cause a serious scald to a child in 10 sec.
  • Hot tap water at 60c (140f), the typical factory setting for hot water tanks, will cause a serious burn in less than a second.
  • Glass fronted fireplaces heat up to 200c (400f) in 6 minutes and take 45 minutes to cool to a safe temperature. At this temperature, a serious burn will happen on contact.

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