Mill Bay Fire Department

Summer is here at last! Mill Bay Fire Department hopes everyone has a great time enjoying the good weather and outdoor activities, and that everyone remains safe while doing so. Remember to stay hydrated when enjoying the sun, heatstroke does happen to people of all ages and health conditions, and can be life threatening when not treated. A person is experiencing heat stroke when they stop sweating and the skin is hot to the touch, they are feeling light headed or even losing consciousness, can be feeling physically ill, and have rapid breathing and pulse. Any person showing signs of heat exhaustion should be moved into the shadeRead More →

With the current increasing temperatures and decreasing precipitation becoming more apparent as we head towards summer we need to be more vigilant about hazards that could result in grass, brush, or forest fires. While many fires in British Columbia have natural origins such as lightning, far too many are caused by people. From the BC Wildfire Service webpage: How to Report a Wildfire If you see a wildfire, please report it to us at 1-800-663-5555 or call *5555 toll free on most cellular networks. Alternately, you can report a wildfire to 9-1-1. What You’ll Be Asked When reporting a wildfire, a B.C. Forest Service operatorRead More →

Mill Bay Fire Department has two important upcoming events. First, our Annual General Meeting is on April 26th, 7:00pm at our #1 Fire Hall on Lodgepole Road. This meeting is open on all residents of the Mill Bay Fire Protection District which includes all of Mill Bay and Southern Cobble Hill. Property owners in this area are also eligible to vote on items arising during the meeting. Second, MBFD is having an open house on May 1st, 9:00am to 4:00pm at our #1 Fire Hall on Lodgepole Road. This will be a day of fun activities, interesting demonstrations, and learning for the whole family. WeRead More →

Spring is here at last and with it MBFD kicks all of its functions into high gear. Training moves more outdoors, with lots of vehicle extrication training, water supply and pumping training, and medical scenarios outside. Fire Prevention also runs lots of hall tours and attends public fairs and events taking place in later spring and summer, be sure to look for us at most major community events. On May 1st we will being having an open house showcasing many sides of fire department life. This is an awesome opportunity for all members of the community to learn about MBFD, watch live demonstrations, get handsRead More →

The beginning of 2016 has been a busy run for us as usual with 48 emergency responses so far, including several days with 3 or 4 calls. We are also getting our busy training regimen into full effect, getting firefighters and officers ready for any event. This year we are switching the provider of our Fire Responder (medical) training to the Canadian Red Cross. In January we had three FR instructors re-learn and re-certify under the Red Cross so that we can teach these vital skills in house to our own firefighters as well as to firefighters from neighbouring departments in our ongoing collaboration efforts. Recently weRead More →

As the year comes to an end Mill Bay Fire Department takes a short break from our training programs and other activities so that our firefighters can spend more time with their families and friends. We don’t, however, get a break from emergency responses during the holidays, and our annual call tally generally gets a few additions during this time. At all times one crew, roughly 1/3 of the department or 8-10 officers and firefighters is standing by to handle any call no matter the nature. Usually on larger incidents personnel from other crews will attend as well if they are available. Mill Bay FD wishesRead More →

We are well into the fall season and with that the fire departments migrates towards different types of emergencies such as chimney fires, motor vehicle incidents due to inclement weather, or hypothermia medical calls for example. This time of year is also our last chance before winter to get in some outdoor training such as motor vehicle extrication, live fire training, or high angle rope rescue. Once winter sets in our training is usually conducted indoors doing things such as medical skills, table top scenarios, and catching up on classroom based training. The end of November marks our annual Muscular Dystrophy drive, which is conductedRead More →

We have received reports of people being phoned and asked to donate money to fund the “Cobble Hill Fire Department”. This is a scam and should be reported to the Shawnigan Lake RCMP. There is no Cobble Hill Fire Department; the Cobble Hill area is divided between Mill Bay and Cowichan Bay Fire Departments to provide fire protection. Funding for fire departments in the Cowichan Valley is controlled either by the CVRD or the Province of British Columbia or both. We do not ask citizens to make donations as they already pay through their property taxes. If you or anyone you know receives one ofRead More →

Summer has wrapped up for 2015 and with recent rainfall the worst of the fire danger has passed. For information on continuing bans please visit the CVRD website or call their office. Now that the cooler weather is here many people are beginning to light wood burning stoves for the first time this year. It is important that chimneys are inspected/cleaned on an annual basis to prevent buildup of creosote. Creosote is a black residue caused by the incomplete combustion of fuels. It is still a fuel itself and can catch fire and burn extremely hot, causing damage and possibly failure of the chimney flueRead More →

With the recent heat and lack of rainfall these past months we’ve been lucky so far far to have no major action in the bushes and woods of our protection district. There have been several cases of grass and trees being secondary exposures to other fires, but we’ve been able to contain everything before it could take a hold. Heat stroke, dehydration, and overexertion can be dangerous and life threatening condition that can appear quickly with the sun and heat being as intense as it has been so far. Please take care to drink lots of fluids, water is good of course but if youRead More →